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Sound and Feng Shui

soundRecently I had to have an MRI screening and I was very anxious about it.  My past experiences included one good experience and one bad experience.  I thought I better be thinking of the good experience when I get on the table.  That is like being told not to think of a pink elephant and all your mind conjers up is pink elephants!  The day of the test came and I meditated that morning and played lovely and calming music on the way to the hospital and felt good when I walked in.  Then I saw the machine I was to go into, it was like that bad experience!  The space was going to be tight and that scared me immediately.  As they placed ear phones on my head I thought about the book and writings of Masaru Emoto “Messages in Water”.  In his book he proves how water is positively or negatively affected by sound.  Heavy metal music can create a  distorted image on the waters molecular structure and classical music or sounds and words of prayer leave their image as beautiful crystalline alignment on the molecules.  We are 70% water and because we are in a world of sound and involvement of the other senses I am very aware of this in teaching Feng Shui to others.

After three tries to get me into the machine somewhat calmly the technician turned on the music and it was heavy metal!  I immediately said please turn the music to low or off!  I turned my mind inward as I have learned to do in meditation and called on all the higher energy I knew to help me stay calm and present while in this process.  It worked!  I was able to overcome the music and continue to know and see the importance of sound and its effects on our bodies and energetic self or chi.  Positive sounds enhance and create positive chi!

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