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Hi Sybilla

So, right after our interview, I cut back the tree blocking my front door. I cleared away a few old pots on the front porch. I put red and white flowers right by the front door, and a mirror to reflect away and protect.

The business flowing my way has increased in amazing leaps and bounds. I am connecting with new authors right and left!

Manifest Change interior (final) finally got finished by the designer!!!!

Everything is all flowing really beautifully and I am just getting started.

Thank you!!

Erica Glessing
Author “Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness”
CEO, Happy Publishing

“Sybilla, of Positive Living by Design, performed a Feng Shui assessment of my new business location, and I implemented her suggestions for paint colors and a few simple elements. When people walk in, the first thing they say is ‘I love the colors! This is so inviting, welcoming and warm!’. The renovations were done on an extremely tight budget and it looks fabulous! Thank you for making my new business shine! ”

Sandra B. Lane, DC
Well Nutrition and Health Services, LLC
Lane Chiropractic & Wellness Center, LLC

“Ever since I was small I could feel energy in the world around me, good and bad energy. I was aware that it existed even though at the time I wasn’t sure what it actually was. It was learning about feng shui that helped me begin to understand what it was and the importance of the energy.

Working as a substitute teacher for 2 years, I had applied for as many full-time positions as possible. It was difficult to find a position as an art teacher in the area when there is only one or two per school.

Wanting a full-time art teaching position more than anything, I became familiar with feng shui and decided to use it to bring career opportunities. I added some things to my room that would allow the career energy to freely flow. Because of the where my room was situated in the house, I found I had too much “fire” and not enough “water” and this was blocking my career opportunities. I made some minor changes one night. I added a fountain and a blue lamp. Also, I took some of the reddish colored things out and added more blue objects.Not one week later I received a call from a school district that they needed a long-term substitute for a high school art class. I couldn’t believe that I actually received a call from them, because I have spent so many hours researching openings and long-term positions. This one I had never even heard of and they were contacting me!After finishing my long-term substitute position I had applied for three full-time art-teaching jobs. I made it to the final interview on all three. The school that I would have most liked to be hired by offered me the position as art teacher. I turned down the other interviews because I knew this was the school I preferred most.

I am now a full-time elementary art teacher. I truly believe that the forces of feng shui helped me change the energy flow in my life to achieve this goal. The very small changes I made in a little over 5 months ago have helped me become exactly what I wanted to be – a full-time art teacher.”

S. Dibble Tunkhannock PA

“Working with Sybilla Lenz and Positive Living by Design Feng Shui has been one of the smartest decisions that I could have made personally and professionally. Sybilla’s insight led me to creating a bedroom that connects me with the most restorative sleep that I have had in years. And as for business, changing the “flow” and energy in my office space has virtually opened the doors to prosperity and abundance far beyond my wildest expectations. I am eternally grateful for having Sybilla Lenz as a resource for enhancing all aspects of my life! I highly recommend trying her services and talent.”

Laura R. Novakowski Hunlock Creek, PA