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Creating Harmony from the Inside Out, by Sybilla Lenz

Bring your environment into alignment with your desires – easy solutions for making positive changes

Positive Living by Design

Whether it be career, relationships, health, or wealth – I want to help you make your dreams become reality while bringing peace, balance, and harmony into your life through the principles of Feng Shui. I can suggest changes for your home or office that will bring change to your life – as it did mine..

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prosperityIn anticipation of the release of my new book, The Prosperity Factor, I give you a preview of the abundance and prosperity Feng Shui can create for you with my 9 Life Aspirations!

News & Updates

  • The Prosperity Factor by Sybilla Lenz & Joe Vitale
    Everyone wants prosperity in their life. Yet each one of us defines prosperity just a little bit differently. For some it’s defined as financial abundance and wealth. For others, prosperity ...
  • Color Light Therapy
    Learn about the many possible benefits of Color Light Therapy in this wonderful piece, COLOR LIGHT THERAPY: HOW IT REALLY WORKS by Julianne Bein. color-light-therapy-works-bien-2016...
  • Part four of the Mindful Living series by Sybilla Lenz
    The final piece of my four part series on Mindful Living, and I am joined again by Donna LaBar of Mind, Body & Soul on Twigs Cafe Radio. Enjoy!...
  • Mindul Living by Sybilla Lenz – Part 3
    Part three of my four part series on Mindful Living, and in celebration of my new book co-authored with Joe Vitale, The Prosperity Factor. I am joined by Donna LaBar of Mind, Body & Soul on Twigs ...

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