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Healthy Home, Healthy Me: Creating Harmony From the Inside Out

How to bring your environment into alignment with your desires for your life so it is inviting what you want to manifest!

What if your home and/or office environment could help you realize your dreams? Imagine your space flowing with energy in perfect alignment with you. Picture your goals being met with surprising ease.


Audio Book: $9.95

The Prosperity Factor



  • Hale, Gill (2003), The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui, Anness Publishing, Ltd.
  • Kunders, G.D. (2011), Designing Hospitals of the Future, Prism Books
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Paperback: $11.99

Hardcover: $28.99

Welcome Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy and study of the relationship between human beings and their environment. This science can be currently related to the study of physics and offers the reader one way of understanding why some less than desirable conditions in our lives can sometimes be related to how we live physically. By practicing Feng Shui at home, we can create a comfortable setting that can also enhance our personal and professional lives.

Inside this book you will find how:

  • Letting go of old worn out items in addition to clearing clutter may help to invite the perfect loving relationship
  • Placing a water fountain, money vase, or coins or plants in this area could promote and invite prosperity
  • Something as simple as painting your front door a certain color can help your career

In this book you will discover easy solutions for making positive and effective changes in your life by changing your home. Included are many real-life examples of how people desired and received the life they wanted by changing how they live in their homes.

Paperback: $17.95

Living an Abundant Life

In this book you will learn some of the best kept secrets on how to enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams from some of the greatest international leaders and teachers in today’s world, including Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Cornfield, and Mark Victor Hansen.

Here is just a sample of the wealth of wisdom contained in this book:

  • Why your attitude is the essence of your ultimate success
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and get what you desire
  • How to transform your life despite your current circumstances
  • Find your own definition of abundance even through adversity
  • Why listening to your inner voice will lead you to amazing places


Paperback: $98.00

Designing Hospitals of the Future

A consummate way of designing hospitals of the future that meets the holistic needs of patients, their families and visitors, not to mention those of staff and workers of the hospital. The process combines the futuristic vision of a health care facility planner with the creative design philosophy of a practical architect.


  • An operative template for planning and designing hospitals of the future
  • Contributions from leading international and national health care architectural firms: Perkins Eastman, Perkins+Will, Cannon Design, Vinyas Architects, Hosmac Private India Ltd., Medica Synergie Pvt. Ltd. and Dutta and Kannan Architects
  • Designing a healthy environment that also fosters a positive work experience for staff, not just a facility for treatment
  • Healthcare outcomes are driving today’s hospital design: Evidence-based hospital design is currently a hot topic in the healthcare sector
  • …and many more

Paperback: $18.00

Manifest Change: Stop Wanting, Start Having

In Manifest Change: Stop Wanting, Start Having inspirational authors from around the globe bring inspiration and practical tools to change your life, now. Experience more joy, happiness, gratitude and financial abundance. Step into transformation with the assistance of 19 fabulous authors from around the globe.

Paperback: $20.00

Home Buying Mastery

In Home Buying Mastery you will find stories about home buyers who were able to buy the right home with exceptional strategies to outsmart the market. Plus world class loan experts tell home buyers how to ask the right questions to get the best loan.