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Residential Consultations

Feng Shui consultation is recommended when buying or selling an existing property, building a home, when you have health issues, or at any time you desire a change.

Feng Shui analysis can be completed on-site or over the phone. Included in my analysis, which incorporates both traditional, classic Flying Star and BTB Feng Shui principles and techniques, are:

Full written analysis with scale of property, flying stars, and cures suggested or installed

  • Evaluating the shape of your property, your buildings, and their positioning on the land
  • Evaluating the flow of energy patterns inside your home
  • Treat the seen and unseen energy of your home to enhance prosperity, relationships, creativity, children’s education, family harmony, and more
  • Best sleeping and sitting compass directions for occupants based on date of birth
  • Space clearing to change old or stagnant chi to new fresh positive energy